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Too far away? - We will take you to your destination.

Whether LAN tournament, event or home, with our latest-generation aeroalpin PILATUS PC-12 NG we offer the perfect symbiosis of travel comfort, efficient use of time and accessibility to destinations that have no daily scheduled flight connection.


The usual procedures at the airport - starting with the search for a parking space, through the security check and ending with the waiting time at the gate - are also a thing of the past: charter passengers enjoy all the privileges of a private flight:

  • Uncomplicated booking.

  • Flexible departure times.

  • Quick check-in at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT): no waiting time, just a few minutes from the parking lot directly to the aircraft.

  • An experienced crew in the cockpit.

  • The aircraft is state-of-the-art and certified for commercial flights


- in other words: no beta - no excuses.

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