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Perform & Create on another level. Bootcamps, Tournaments, Events, team building, content creation, etc. You need performance? - We offer the power of the future.

NOBETA means no excuses, no compromises, no beta. High-tech meets next level design.

Our faclities offer latest tech for you to perform at the highest level.

Pro PC Setups are packed with: 

Graphics: NVIDIA RTX 4090

CPU: Intel i9 13900K

RAM: 32 GB

Monitor: 360hz 25" AOC AGON Pro

and of course NZXT Hardware.

Our Community Circle enables a new way of Couch CO-OP play and with our 175" Samsung LED Wall in Hannover and our 270° Samsung LED Wall in Frankfurt you are able to play & experience Games or create the content of your dreams.

Internet Connection:

Internet speed and low latency are crucial for getting the upper hand in any fight. But don't you worry, we got you!

We provide you with state of the art performance: 


Speed: 2000Mbit/s UP and DOWN - Fiber Optic dedicated line

Latency: <1ms


BUT WHAAAAT? Not enough? 

We are able to increase your speed up to 10.000Mbit/s UP and DOWN at any time.

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